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"I just placed an order for my 15-month old grandson; I’m going to get him started on a great thing at a young age! At least he can use the products when he is over at my house. I love the products and can’t wait to see how well I am doing on the CariFree System!"

Linda from Palm Bay, FL, USA

“She had beautiful blue eyes but lousy teeth. Now she has beautiful blue eyes and great teeth.”

Peggy Whippo, speaking about her daughter Heather, a patient from Albany, OR, USA


"I had a slick mouth, somewhat swollen tongue, and my teeth didn't mesh well. After using the CariFree mouthwash and toothpaste, my condition(s) cleared up markedly. My tongue feels like it fits my mouth once again, and my bite is true."

Kay from Albany, OR, USA

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John C. Kois, DMD, MSD

Seattle, WA

"Caries risk assessment identifies patients at risk for dental caries even before they have expressed the disease and best target treatment for those patients that have already expressed the disease.

We need to find ways like CariFree to help our patients move from the repair model to the wellness model."

Graeme Milicich, BDS
New Zealand

"After 30 years in practice, it became obvious that simply admonishing my caries active patients to brush and floss better and cut out sugar, did not solve the problem. Something was missing. That something turned out to be the Carifree system.

Low pH is now recognised as the reason a biofilm becomes diseased and I was unable to find anything for my patients that addressed this issue until Carifree was developed.

My patients in need have had excellent success in managing their disease since using the Carifree system, and I now have the confidence they have a healthy mouth and I can safely proceed with more complex treatment options without the risk of potential failure from new cavities developing around expensive crowns."

Dr. Bruce B. Baird
Granbury, TX
Founder of the Productive Dentist Academy

"This is the first time in my 30 years of dentistry that I can help my patients who are high risk for decay... It's a no-brainer for implementation and patients respond incredibly to treatment.

This has also been an incredible boost to our office productivity. If you haven't looked at this treatment protocol do yourself and your patients a favour and do it now."


Dr. Joe Whitehouse

Castro Valley, CA

“My practice cannot function without treating the disease caries. CariFree is the only source of testing and treatment and re-testing to substantiate the control of the disease.”

Dr. Ryan Duval

Ellensburg, WA

“A great caries screening tool. Easy to incorporate into your practice and a wonderful service to patients.”


Dr. Robert Muckey

Sacramento, CA

"We are doing testing on all recalls and ongoing treatment cases.

Today I seated a crown on a woman who was on her routine exam; she had a very high ATP test score. We searched very carefully and discovered a rather serious lesion under an old crown that had excaped digital image and routine exam.

She specifically thanked me today and said she was so happy that we had the new testing as an additional resource that had perhaps saved an endodonic procedure in the future.

We have improved our ability to diagnose and improve the dental health of our patients and their loved ones."