CariFree Maintenance Kit

Because your patients deserve to be cavity-free!


The CariFree Prevention Kit

is great for

  • Individuals who have completed the 3-month Treatment Kit Protocol
  • Those at risk for cavities but may not have cavities present
  • Patients desiring a complete homecare routine that will maintain long-term oral health

The CariFree Maintenance Kit  is a 3-month supply kit for your high-risk patients that have successfully completed active treatment, have lowered risk, and would benefit from staying on the maintenance products.

It can also be recommended for your low risk patients that would benefit from products designed to promote long-term health. This kit is easy-to-dispense and comes complete with instructions for use for all of the products.

Included in Maintenance Kit Pro:
•Instruction card
•3 bottles of Maintenance Rinse, choice of mint or citrus
•2 tubes of HA Nano gel
•1 pack of Sugarfree Xylitol Gum