Crescent Dental Chair Memory Foam Cushions


The most comfortable way to treat your dental patients. Memory foam cushions
designed specifically for the dentist chair.
  • Providing comfort and support
  • Dental Headrest & Backrest
  • Full-length Bodyrest Pad
  • Child Booster Seat
  • Knee Support
  • Osteo Support
  • U-Shaped Neck Support                                                              

Crescent Memory Foam Dental Chair Cushions - the most comfortable ways to treat your patients.

Crescent Memory foam cushions are made with visco-elastic foam that reacts to the temperature of the patient's body–moulding itself to the exact shape, offering the ultimate in comfort without pressure.

Above:  Full Body pad, headrest, backrest and knee support

Left: Example of memory foam in action.

black_headrest_on_chair_2 Memory Foam Dental Chair Headrest

The Crescent Memory Dental Headrest shapes to the head and neck for optimum patient comfort. Made with memory foam that reacts to the temperature of the patient's body–moulding itself to the exact shape, offering the ultimate in comfort without pressure.

When patients are lying back in a dental chair and lifting their chin for procedures, their neck will become very strained. The Headrest fills that “void” area behind the neck. Headrest is made with memory foam so it will conform and work for any size patient and covered in that same, great medical-grade vinyl. It reacts to the temperature of the body to form to the head and neck giving superb comfort!

Position the headrest with the narrow end upward, and the thick end at the base of the neck (adjust to most comfortable position for user) - wherever it’s most comfortable and allows the user to angle their head back, bring the chin up, and still get support. You may use the elastic strap to keep it in position on the chair.

Price: £68 including VAT

Memory Foam Low Profile Headrest


Available in Black and Teal. Price:  £68 including VAT

BLACK_BACKREST_ON_CHAIRMemory Foam Dental Chair Backrest

The Crescent Memory Backrest is great for supporting the lumbar area of the back during lengthy procedures.

It is made from memory foam, which offers the ultimate in comfort without pressure because it moulds to your body as your body heat softens it.

The Memory Backrest is covered with a soft vinyl, which can easily be wiped clean with disinfectant.

The body has a natural curvature (and “void” area) behind the neck, and in the lower back. The backrest will fill (or support) that void area, providing comfort.

Blue_Buy£68 including VAT


Crescent Osteo Headrest Pad


The Crescent Osteo Memory Foam pillow is designed to provide comfort to geriatric patients that have difficulty reclining their heads. Two-inches higher than our original  Headrest, this helps tilt the head back, draw the mouth open and keep the chin forward, reducing operator strain. £80 including VAT





Memory Foam Dental Chair Bodyrest Pad

The Crescent Full-length Memory Bodyrest Pad was developed to soothe during lengthy procedures while providing pressure point relief to the body.

black_chair_padThe full-length pad is great for procedures in a completely reclined position and for those chairs with a wider area to rest the legs. The foam will bend where needed because of its contour cutting.  

£337 including VAT


Crescent Child Booster Seat

The Crescent Child Booster Seat™ is the ultimate seat to assist in the positioning of children in the dental chair.

Crescent Child Booster SeatThe Booster is great for use from children ages 3-8 or so. It is designed to raise the height of the child in the dental chair while performing standard procedures. The booster seat also works great in an upright position for X-ray purposes.

It is 6" in thickness and has a special bevelled feature to prevent the child from sliding forward in the chair. The attached lumbar support will allow the child’s head and shoulders to relax in a natural position while supporting their lower back.

The Child Booster Seat is covered with a soft vinyl, which can easily be wiped clean with disinfectant and will not absorb fluids. It also has a gripping material on the bottom so that the seat will not slide around while in use.

It also works well in conjunction with the Crescent Dental Headrest if you want extra support under the neck. Price: £134 including VAT


It is recommended to use the headrest with the Booster Seat. The headrest should be positioned on children in what we refer to as “upside down”, meaning, put the narrow end of the headrest down between the child’s shoulder blades, with the thicker end right at the base of their neck. This forces the child’s head to drop back, keeping the airways open.

Many dentists have a problem with children not wanting to bring their head back, allowing the mouth to be opened fully. This solves that problem.

The Crescent Child Booster Seat is covered in a medical-grade vinyl and can be easily cleaned without causing discolouration or absorbing fluids.

Child Booster Seat Girl Without Booster Note the
position of
her head
< - >
Girl With Booster

Memory Foam Dental Chair Knee Support

black_knee_picture_croppedThis support raises the patient's knee area six inches. Not only does it help allow the legs to lie in a more natural position, but it takes pressure off the lower back as well. It is sixteen inches in width so it covers almost the entire width of a standard size dental chair.

Your patients will feel amazing pressure relief in their lower back and hips, while using the Crescent Knee Support. It works extremely well in conjunction with the other Crescent Products comfort items – the Headrest, Backrest, and Bodyrest Pad.

This support makes an amazing difference to the patient’s lower back. When they are lying back with their knees elevated, they are relieving pressure in the lower back, as well as the hip area.

If you have you ever noticed your patients elevating their knees (especially pregnant women) while performing procedures on them? It is because they are putting a strain on their lower back if they don’t have their knees up. With the knee support, the “pulling sensation” immediately goes away.

It is sixteen inches in width so it covers the entire width of a standard-size dental chair. It is covered in medical grade vinyl for easy disinfecting and has a gripping material on the bottom so it will not move around while in use.

Price £91 including VAT


Crescent Memory Foam U-SHAPED Neck Support

A wonderful neck support for the patient while procedures and recovery.

black_u-shaped_headrestThe U-shaped Neck Support can be used during procedures to provide stability to the head and neck.

It will support the neck area keeping the head in position to prevent discomfort for the patient while in a semi-reclined position. It is also covered in a medical grade vinyl for easy cleaning.

£79 including VAT