EtchMaster® Air abrasion & Prophy System with Lifetime Warranty

EtchMaster NO MESS™ prophy and abrasion system with uni-dose, pre-filled disposable tips with 7 powder options for  sealants, crowns, ortho brackets, veneers, ceramic & porcelain repair, metal & composite resotrations, Cerec®, zirconia.


Perfect for:

  • surface preparation prior to sealants

  • disposable powder filled tips

  • 7 powder options

  • composite & porcelain repairs

  • crowns, veneers, brackets, bonding

  • PLUS localized stain removal & surface polishing.

NO MESS™ – Costs Less, Blows Away the Competition

Unidose ● Pre-Filled ● No Clean-up ● No Equipment ● No Overspray ● Never Clogs ● Simple Adaptors to Chairside Air ● 10 Free Tips with every Adaptor

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Comparison to other systems

Clinically effective and mess-free using the same powders, air pressures, and nozzle sizes of traditional non-disposable air abrasive equipment.

Advantages over other systems • No Overspray • No Clogging • No Equipment/Maintenance • No Refilling • No Nozzle Replacement No Cleanup

EtchMaster® Tips: 2 sizes, 7 powders

  • Pre-filled EtchMaster® disposable tips come in 2 sizes: large and small, with 7 abrasive powder options in Hard, Mild or Soft.
  • Small tips have a 0.5mm aperture nozzle for a very fine abrasive stream.
  • Large tips support a 0.8mm aperture nozzle for a larger target area.
  • The EtchMaster® nozzles are 360° rotatable for easy aim and reach.
  • A dot of colour denotes which abrasive powder is inside.

Small Tips Usage: Sealants for 4 molars, all cosmetic bonding, bracket repair, composite & porcelain repairs, and localized polishing.

Large Tips Usage: 16 tooth surfaces: Full mouth sealants, crown prep, orthodontic brackets, stain removal & polishing.



Choose From Three EtchMaster® Adaptor Options

The EtchMaster® PR Adaptor


This Presure Regulated adaptor self regulates to optimal air pressure regardless of chair airline setting. (compatible with 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 hole adaptors)


 EtchMaster® Kavo Style Adapter

Adapter mounts directly to Kavo handpiece connector
Air flow is controlled via the standard chairside foot pedal
A Pencil Style handpiece provides easy reach
(Note: water delivery port is sealed off)




EtchMaster ® Quick Disconnect Adaptor

This is a direct replacement for MicroEtcher type systems.
Adapter plugs into a Quick Disconnect (QD) type connection. Integral to the Quick Disconnect adapter is a miniature pressure regulator. The pressure regulator is pre-set to 40psi eliminating any patient sensitivity.
Air flow is controlled via a syringe type finger actuation
(Note: adapter is pressure limited so it may be connected to a high pressure air source without over-etching)
EtchMasterR_QuickDisconnect_Adapter qd_regulator