DPS Products

Below is a list of our products - all carefully selected and designed to reduce discomfort to an absolute minumum with maximum efficacy...

  • Combines advanced products into a patient friendly 'Comfort Zone'
  • Higher treatment acceptance
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Increased revenue

Below is a list of our products - all carefully selected and designed to reduce discomfort to an absolute minumum with maximum efficacy...



Ultimate Powder Blasting Tips for Intra-Oral Procedures Prophy & Abrasion

Perfect for:

  • surface preparation prior to sealants

  • disposable powder filled tips

  • 6 powders

  • composite & porcelain repairs

  • crowns, veneers, brackets, bonding

  • PLUS localized stain removal & surface polishing.

No Mess – Costs Less, Blows Away the Competition

Unidose ● Pre-Filled ● No Clean-up ● No Equipment ● No Overspray ● Never Clogs ● Simple Adaptors to Chairside Air ● 10 Free Tips with every Adaptor

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Comparison to other systems

Clinically effective and mess-free using the same powders, air pressures, and nozzle sizes of traditional non-disposable air abrasive equipment. Advantages over other systems • No Overspray • No Clogging • No Equipment/Maintenance • No Refilling • No Nozzle Replacement • No Cleanup


How do I connect?

 Adaptor screws directly to the standard chair-side handpiece connector – universal compatibility (3 – 6 hole). Air flow is controlled via the standard chair-side foot pedal. 


EtchMaster Adaptor

Pressure Regulated 4‐Hole Adapter

PR Adaptor – self regulates to optimal air pressure regardless of chair airline setting. (compatible with 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 hole adaptors)

(Note: water delivery port is sealed off)

EtchMaster Tip Selection

Two Tip Sizes

•Small size tips cover 4 tooth surfaces

•Large size tips cover 16 tooth surfaces   

Small Tips Usage: Sealants for 4 molars, all cosmetic bonding, bracket repair, composite & porcelain repairs, and localized polishing.

Large Tips Usage: Full mouth sealants, crown prep, orthodontic brackets, stain removal & polishing.

 Crescent Dental Chair Memory Foam Cushions


The most comfortable way to treat your dental patients. Memory foam cushions
designed specifically for the dentist chair.
  • Providing comfort and support
  • Dental Headrest & Backrest
  • Ful-length Bodyrest Pad
  • Child Booster Seat
  • Knee Support
  • Osteo Support
  • U-Shaped Neck Support                                                              

CariFree Caries Risk Assessment & Treatment System

CariFree CTx Treatment System

The result of new discoveries in Oral Care..

  • Scientists recognise that dental decay is caused by a bacterial infection in the biofilm on the teeth.
  • CariFree gives dentists the power to test for and treat the oral bacterial infection with one simple system.
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carifree meter

What is a biofilm infection?

All teeth have a thin film that houses various microscopic bacteria, called a biofilm.

An infected oral biofilm occurs when the bacterial population shifts from normal oral bacteria to the acidogenic /aciduric bacteria (caries) that are known to cause cavitations.

The standard of care calls for the identification of an excessive load of cariogenic bacteria on the teeth and the administration of a treatment plan that includes treating the cariogenic bacteria. This is a paradigm shift from simply filling cavitations to a model of prevention.


Promote healthy teeth - stop filling cavities

CariFree employs advanced infection testing and treatment technology to promote long term dental health, instead of simply treating symptoms by filling cavities.

How is this possible?

The advanced CariFree System measures the magnitude of harmful bacteria on the teeth. If harmful decay-causing bacteria are identified, the CariFree treatment plan would be prescribed for the patient.

Additional new findings:

  • Good oral hygiene may not stop cavities. Even if a patient brushes, flosses, and visits the dentist regularly, harmful levels of the decay-causing bacteria may still be present.
  • A bacterial infection on your teeth can also be transmitted to others. Studies show that harmful decay causing bacteria can be transmitted to other members of the household.
  • If the bacterial infection is left untreated... Progressive steps of decay that may occur are.... Creation of cavities, leading to...crowns, bridges, and root canals, ultimately leading to...tooth loss...
CariFree CTx4 Treatment Rinse

CariFree embraces the new science

The CariFree system was specifically developed to embrace the new science of testing for and treating dental bacterial infection. Here is how the CariFree System works:

CariScreen an easy 1 minute test

The quick and easy CariScreen test determines the level of decay-causing bacteria. It takes only one minute to determine if a patient is at low, moderate, or high risk of developing cavities in the future.

Since risk factors change over time, it is recommended that patients take the CariScreen test once per year. For the most accurate test results, ask your patients to not eat or brush their teeth for at least one hour prior to the test.

CariFree CTx3 Rinse

CariFree easy to use treatment program

Treatment consists of using a series of CariFree antibacterial mouth rinses to reduce the bacterial levels on patient's teeth, giving them a better chance of avoiding future dental decay. It's that simple.

There are two types of rinses:

  • CariFree Treatment Rinse - A two-part treatment rinse that kills the harmful destructive bacteria on the teeth. It has an elevated pH that is designed to offset the acidic condition of the infection.
  • CariFree Maintenance Rinse - Designed to create an environment in the mouth which prevents the destructive bacteria from re-establishing itself. It also has an elevated pH which promotes a healthy oral environment.




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