Choosing An Electric Toothbrush

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  • Electric toothbrushes, when used correctly, can be easier for the average patient to use effectively
  • Looking for an electric toothbrush? See below for some recommendations
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Brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em!

There are a variety of electric toothbrushes to choose from. A general rule in life is that you get what you pay for. There are a couple of other things to consider:

  • Who is the parent company you are buying from? This is important in case you have a problem with your toothbrush, you want to assure that you will have a company that stands behind its product, and give good customer support.

  • Is the toothbrush age-appropriate? Some electric brushes may be too technique sensitive for a child to use, or have a handle that requires more manual dexterity than a person with arthritis may, etc.

  • Does the technology of this toothbrush offer some oral health benefit beyond what I could get with a manual toothbrush, or is it just easier to use?

  • Does it have a timing option to help assure you brush for the appropriate time?

Here is a general description of the most commonly bought toothbrushes and their pros vs. cons along with the retail price as listed recently:

Oral B Braun

Oscillating head design requires each tooth to be cleaned one at a time. Studies show it is one of the most effective at plaque removal, but can be too technique sensitive for patients to use well.


Retails from £14.99 to £149.99, depending on model

Crest Spinbrush

Bulky head, non-sophisticated technology, easy for kids to use.



Retails from £5 to £22.99, depending on model


Comfortable head and advanced sonic technology allows for superior cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and around braces. May be too technique sensitive for kids to use. Large handle and lack of brushing stroke makes this ideal for elderly patients.

Retails from £69 to £169, depending on model


Ultrasonic technology makes this extremely technique sensitive. Not the best choice for kids or those who have trouble with manual dexterity. For advanced brushers, can be used very effectively. Newer company so technology is still being perfected. Promising future.


Retails from £129 to £169, depending on model