Mouth Spray

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  • Easy to carry for on-the-go use
  • Great taste leaves breath fresh and mouth feeling clean
  • Use after meals when not able to brush or rinse
  • Relieve dry mouth day or night

Spray away dental decay!

A mouth spray can be a convenient way of getting the therapeutic benefit of a mouth rinse, with the ease and portability of a spray. Mouth rinses have different uses , from breath freshening to cavity fighting, whitening, tongue cleaning, saliva replacement, etc. A mouth spray can be great for use after eating or snacking if it has buffering capabilities.

After eating, the pH of the mouth drops down into the “critical zone” where tooth demineralisation occurs and the oral environment favours cavity-causing bacteria.

A buffering mouth spray can help to return the pH to the safety zone as fast as possible. Mouth spray can also be an effective saliva substitute for those suffering from dry mouth. It can be used as frequently as needed to reduce symptoms during the day, and is safe and easy to use upon waking during the night.

Mouth breathers experience dry mouth while they sleep and their symptoms may be worse during times of the year when there is a low ambient humidity in the air.

Many people suffering from sleep apnoea and utilizing a c-pap machine find mouth spray a great relief of dry mouth during interrupted sleep.