Questions to Ask Your Dentist

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Be an advocate for your dental health . . . get mouthy!
  • Your dental professionals have knowledge to share that can provide you with the understanding it takes to get healthy
  • Your dental hygienist and dental assistants are also great resources


When it comes to your health, this is a good time to get mouthy!

Speak up next time you're in the dental chair.

  • How do my oral health habits -- how often I brush and floss -- affect the rest of my body, in addition to my gums and teeth?
  • What are signs to watch out for in my mouth that might indicate a problem in my body?
  • What do you need to know about my general health history and medications to evaluate my oral health?
  • Have you seen any warning signs of a possible serious condition that I should relay to my dentist?
  • How do you keep updated on the latest in general and cosmetic dental techniques and technology?
  • How can I improve my dental health?
  • Should I change my toothpaste or should I floss more often?
  • Should I use a fluoride rinse?
  • Are the desired results I described realistic?
  • Is there an alternative treatment that I should consider as well?
  • Should I have a genetic test to determine my susceptibility to periodontal disease?
  • If I have gum disease, should I have a blood test (C-Reactive Protein or Hemoglobin A1C) to see if there may be a connection to my systemic health?
  • Do you have recommendations for my diet?
  • Can you help me quit smoking?
  • Do you perform risk assessment for caries and periodontal disease?
  • Can you help me create a health plan so that I can keep my teeth for life?