Solutions for the treatment of sensitive teeth

Prevention Kit

The Prevention Kit has all the products you need to maintain long-term oral health.

Included in Kit:

  • Instruction card
  • 2 bottles of Oral Neutralizer Gel 3 bottles of Maintenance Rinse, choice of mint or citrus 1 pack of Sugarfree Xylitol Gum


Oral Neutralizer Gel

CariFree Oral Neutralizer Gel is a completely non-abrasive, fluoride-free, refreshing tooth gel that combines the proven benefits of xylitol with CariFree's patent-pending pH+ technology.
  • Lightly foaming formula
  • Patent-pending pH+ technology neutralizes decay-causing bacteria
  • Clinically proven xylitol technology
  • Non-abrasive formula won't damage teeth over time
  • Freshens breath
  • Moistens mouth


Individual Products for Treatment and Prevention


Maintenance Rinse


Xylitol Gum