EtchMaster® Air abrasion & Prophy System with Lifetime Warranty

EtchMaster NO MESS™ prophy and abrasion system with uni-dose, pre-filled disposable tips with 7 powder options for  sealants, crowns, ortho brackets, veneers, ceramic & porcelain repair, metal & composite resotrations, Cerec®, zirconia.


Perfect for:

  • surface preparation prior to sealants

  • disposable powder filled tips

  • 7 powder options

  • composite & porcelain repairs

  • crowns, veneers, brackets, bonding

  • PLUS localized stain removal & surface polishing.

NO MESS™ – Costs Less, Blows Away the Competition

Unidose ● Pre-Filled ● No Clean-up ● No Equipment ● No Overspray ● Never Clogs ● Simple Adaptors to Chairside Air ● 10 Free Tips with every Adaptor

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Comparison to other systems

Clinically effective and mess-free using the same powders, air pressures, and nozzle sizes of traditional non-disposable air abrasive equipment.

Advantages over other systems • No Overspray • No Clogging • No Equipment/Maintenance • No Refilling • No Nozzle Replacement No Cleanup

EtchMaster® Tips: 2 sizes, 7 powders

  • Pre-filled EtchMaster® disposable tips come in 2 sizes: large and small, with 7 abrasive powder options in Hard, Mild or Soft.
  • Small tips have a 0.5mm aperture nozzle for a very fine abrasive stream.
  • Large tips support a 0.8mm aperture nozzle for a larger target area.
  • The EtchMaster® nozzles are 360° rotatable for easy aim and reach.
  • A dot of colour denotes which abrasive powder is inside.

Small Tips Usage: Sealants for 4 molars, all cosmetic bonding, bracket repair, composite & porcelain repairs, and localized polishing.

Large Tips Usage: 16 tooth surfaces: Full mouth sealants, crown prep, orthodontic brackets, stain removal & polishing.



Choose From Three EtchMaster® Adaptor Options

The EtchMaster® PR Adaptor


This Presure Regulated adaptor self regulates to optimal air pressure regardless of chair airline setting. (compatible with 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 hole adaptors)


 EtchMaster® Kavo Style Adapter

Adapter mounts directly to Kavo handpiece connector
Air flow is controlled via the standard chairside foot pedal
A Pencil Style handpiece provides easy reach
(Note: water delivery port is sealed off)




EtchMaster ® Quick Disconnect Adaptor

This is a direct replacement for MicroEtcher type systems.
Adapter plugs into a Quick Disconnect (QD) type connection. Integral to the Quick Disconnect adapter is a miniature pressure regulator. The pressure regulator is pre-set to 40psi eliminating any patient sensitivity.
Air flow is controlled via a syringe type finger actuation
(Note: adapter is pressure limited so it may be connected to a high pressure air source without over-etching)
EtchMasterR_QuickDisconnect_Adapter qd_regulator
EtchMaster ® Powder Types and Uses

Indications for Use


Abrasive Powder

Tip Colour Code



Restorative, preventive sealants, orthodontic brackets, and cosmetic bonding


27 micron Aluminium Oxide


50 micron Aluminium Oxide


Porcelain Repair & Cosmetic bonding

Co-JET™ Siliconized Sand


Ultra-thin veneers

Glass Beads 


Surface Polisher

Preventive sealants & ingrained stain removal


Aluminium Oxide & Sodium Bi-Carbonate


Prophy Brush

Light stain removal & cosmetic stain removal


  Calcium Carbonate


Superficial stain removal & pits & fissure brushing

Sodium Bi-Carbonate



Customer Feedback

Hi Brian

Thanks for asking me to try out the EtchMaster. This is a really neat bit of kit. As you know we use air abrasion quite a lot but the machine is quite big and sometimes we just want to etch an area to improve the adhesion, and to be honest, we sometimes don’t use it as much as we should.

The EtchMaster  fits on the delivery unit in place of a normal handpiece and is just so easy to use.

We’ve now used it to clean fissures prior to fissure sealing and I’m routinely using it when placing veneers.

I still use the main air abrasion machine for cavity prep, as it’s not strong enough for that.

I think every practice should have one!

Kind regards


Dr Teresa Day, Appledore Dental Clinic, Binfied & Milton Keynes

'EtchMaster is worth every penny'.  Dr Sawyer

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