Articles & Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of questions that we get asked and some useful articles

What causes bad breath?

    Bacteria on the back of the tongue are the primary cause of bad breath
    Lack of saliva flow can increase the growth of bad breath bacteria
    Good oral hygiene, mouth sprays, and antibacterial rinses can help

What do braces or Invisalign have to do with cavities?

    Orthodontic appliances increase the risk of the bacterial infection that causes cavities (caries) and white spot lesions
    Preventing the bacterial infection is imperative to an excellent orthodontic result
    Protect your investment by using fluoride, xylitol, and pH+ dental products
    Don't get white spots! See below for more information



Why do I have cavities?


    Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection known as caries
    An acidic oral environment drives the infection
    Brushing and flossing alone cannot stop the infection
    The good news is that the infection is treatable and preventable . . . read more to find out how




How does fluoride work?

    Fluoride is used primarily to help remineralise tooth structure damage caused by acid
    Using products with xylitol, alkaline pH+ technology, and fluoride can be more effective at fighting cavities than fluoride alone