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A selection of questions that we get asked and some useful articles

What causes tooth loss?

    Tooth loss is primarily caused by a periodontal infection, caries infection, or trauma to the tooth
    Periodontal and caries infections are caused by specific groups of bacteria and are known as biofilm diseases
    New products are now available to fight these infectious bacteria
    Stop the infection. . . stop losing teeth!


Why do kids get cavities?

    Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection knows as "caries"
    Caries is the No.1 disease children are facing in the United States according to the CDC
    Brushing and flossing alone may not stop the caries infection
    Safe and effective new dental products designed just for kids are now available

How to prevent cavities

    To prevent cavities, you must create an oral environment that makes it difficult for infectious cavity-causing bacteria to survive
    Brushing and flossing alone may not be enough to prevent decay
    Stop the infection with new fluoride, xylitol, and alkaline pH+ dental products

Why is pH so important in cavity prevention?

    Studies have shown that a prolonged acidic (low pH) oral environment can cause an overgrowth of acidic bacteria
    Acidic bacteria cause tooth decay
    Keeping a neutral or alkaline pH in the mouth can prevent acidic bacterial growth
    New dental products with alkaline pH, xylitol, and fluoride are now available

What causes sensitive teeth?

    In order to best treat your sensitivity, it helps to know the cause
    Sensitivity may be caused by exposed root surfaces, cracks in the teeth, or dry mouth
    Sensitivity could be a sign of a bacterial infection on your teeth (caries)
    Products including fluoride, xylitol, and pH+ therapies may help